Inspired To Be the Best
“Vision without action is a daydream; action without vision is a nightmare.

Mission Statement

Through a total commitment to Customer Satisfaction and world class levels of excellence in performance, we will be regarded as the reference standard by which all other custodial service providers are judged, by being...

  • Appreciated by Our Customers
  • Valued by Our Vendors
  • Admired by Our Employees
  • Respected by Our Competitor

Bonded and insured, CleanGuard™ has been providing the area’s most customer-friendly commercial office cleaning service since 1994 with a well-trained staff that’s professional, thorough and consistent. Day in, day out; night after night, our janitor service is on the job – keeping your facility and its contents clean, safe and secure.

At CleanGuard™, giving anything less than our best is simply unacceptable. All of our employees are held to higher standards, whether they’re in a management, customer service, supervisory or janitor service capacity, assuring you of a pleasant and worry-free experience. CleanGuard™ employees possess a passion to please and a level of pride in their work that borders on obsession resulting in superior office cleaning and unmatched customer satisfaction.

We offer a wide range of fully-customizable custodial and janitorial services for commercial office cleaning that can be tailored for any size business and budget. From light duty janitorial office cleaning on a monthly or weekly basis to heavy duty custodial cleaning services on a daily/nightly basis, we can satisfy your requirements and exceed your expectations. Whether we’re in your office, manufacturing plant, bank or hospital operating room, our commercial cleaning staff knows their job well and knows how important their job is to you.

CleanGuard’s custodial and janitorial services for office cleaning will save you time, money and even headaches too. No more worrying about whether or not the janitor service did their job properly and no more surprises when you find that they didn’t even do it at all. CleanGuard™ gets the job done and gets it done right—professionally, thoroughly and consistently—no excuses!

Great service speaks for itself—as all our commercial office cleaning services do—so let us customize a no-obligation janitor service estimate for you. Then put us to the test and we’ll show you that we’re inspired to be the best.